An Open Invitation To A New Year’s Eve Party at Vermont Yankee

Participants in the global Transition Movement often say that what we do is more like a party than a protest. Yet, here is an open invitation to a New England protest that is a also party–an unusual New Year’s Eve party to remember!

Just 82 days before the scheduled closure of the Vermont Yankee plant, the New Hampshire-based Nuke Free Monadnock affinity group, which includes a member of Putney Friends Meeting and the Transition Keene Task Force, is going to throw a one-hour, afternoon, New Year’s Eve bash at the gates of Vermont Yankee (546 Governor Hunt Road, Vernon, VT 05354). The party will take place from 1:30 to 2:30 pm on December 31st and is part of the SAGE Alliance‘s daily Countdown to Closure vigils at the plant.

At this afternoon New Year’s Eve party, we will have music, sing-alongs, kazoos and funny hats, a sparkling cider and dixie cup toast to the State of Vermont for standing up to the Entergy Corporation on behalf of the people of this region, and a New Year’s style ball drop to ring in a nuke free new year with hope for more green collar jobs and renewable energy to come. We will also take time to share New Year’s Resolutions for what each us will do to create a safe and green energy future in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont in the coming year. The event is even being filmed by Robbie Leppzer, who made Seabrook 77, as part of his documentary on the citizens movement to close VY and move toward a safe and green energy future in the region.

We would love to have many other Quakers In Transition from the Tri-State area near Vermont Yankee join us for this party. So, please bring your friends and neighbors to Vernon, VT, next Saturday afternoon at 1:30 pm as we celebrate the scheduled March 21, 2012 shut down of this aging and unreliable nuclear plant, which has the same design as the leaking reactors in Japan.

Parking for this holiday bash for safe and green energy is available at the municipal building just down the road from VY by the Vernon town offices and library. BTW, parking is not allowed at the elementary school across the street, so please do not park in that lot. Also, please carpool if you can. We encourage everyone to use Monadnock RideShare to coordinate their car pools. Just scroll down to the ride share offerings to Vernon, Vermont, on December 31st. Remember we want a low-carbon, as well as a nuke-free, future!

For more information, please contact NFM member Steve Chase.

P.S. Anyone who attends this party being thrown by the Nuke Free Monadnock affinity group agrees to the following guidelines for being a “good guest.”

Nonviolent Action Code of Conduct

Our attitude will be one of openness and respect toward all we encounter in our actions.
We will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person.
We will not harm anyone, and we will not retaliate in reaction to violence.
We will not carry weapons.
We will neither be under the influence nor bring any non-prescribed drugs or alcohol.
We will neither bring dogs nor other animals, except for service animals.
During a demonstration we will not run nor make threatening motions.
While affirming that people’s lives and safety are more important than property, we will not destroy or damage property.


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