TUS Tele-Salon

Do you want to meet core members of other Transition Initiative teams? Do you want to celebrate your successes? Do you want to brainstorm solutions to your challenges? Transition US’s monthly Transition Tele-Salons might be just what you are looking for.

Monthly Transition Tele-Salons are an open dialogue space where Transition Initiative organizers around the US can call in and meet each other voice-to-voice to celebrate, network, swap ideas, get help, give help, feel empowered and learn together. There is no expert or leader – we are all experts, leaders and learners–but there is a host each month who will facilitate the conversation to assure that each person has a time to speak, both in the whole group and small groups, and make sure that the simple agreements are honored and that the process moves along. The Transition Tele-Salons usually feel second only to being together.

We follow common conference call dialogue guidelines like:

Listen with respect- we don’t have to agree or debate, just listen and learn

Speak from the heart –be vulnerable – safely – sharing stories and insights

Suspend judgement as best you can – it helps others feel safe and you to learn

Seek truth together – be curious, question assumptions, expect surprise, give advice only if asked

Be brief, share airtime

For more information, contact Carl at Transition US at (707) 824-1554 or carl@transitionus.org.

Note: Times for all Transition US virtual events are Pacific Time and this standing call is scheduled for the second Thursday of each month.


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