Workshop Options

There are many opportunities to work with others to learn more about the Transition Movement’s helpful analysis, vision, and strategy–as well as learn many of the “how-to” skills needed in local Transition organizing. Here are just four possible options to choose from:

1) You can invite Quakers or others active in the Transition Movement to come speak, or lead introductory workshops, at your Meetings or larger Quaker gatherings;

2) You can participate or host an Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, including customized ones focused on the Transition Movement led by various Quakers In Transition;

3) You can engage in both live and pre-recorded online webinars hosted by Transition US and facilitated by active members of the Transition Movement; and

4) You can attend or host a two-day, Training for Transition (T4T) how-to skills workshop facilitated by a trainer trained and certified by Transition US.

Just click on the options listed on this page, or access the Workshop Options pull down menu, and get more details on each of these four options.


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