“T4T” Workshops

Transition US has developed a two-day Training for Transition (T4T) course for people interested in learning how to set up a local Transition Initiative and empower their communities to directly tackle the issues of Peak Oil, Climate Change, and the Economic Crisis, by rebuilding community resilience and self-reliance.

All Training for Transition two-day workshop are led by certified workshop facilitators who:

· Have successfully completed an officially recognized training course offered by Transition US and conducted by Transition UK trainers.

· Are actively involved in a local Transition Initiative.

· Are committed to their own personal change and growth.

· Have demonstrated an ability to deliver the course materials using an interactive model.

For a list of upcoming T4T workshops, check out http://transitionus.org/training.

For information on how to host a weekend Training for Transition workshop, check out http://transitionus.org/training/be-a-host.

For a list of US Training for Transition trainers, check out http://transitionus.org/training/trainers.

A Recommendation: The most active New England-based Training for Transition trainer, however, is Tina Clarke. She has already facilitated over 30 Training for Transition workshops and advised over three dozen Transition initiatives in New England and elsewhere. You can reach Tina at 413-658-8165 or at tinaclarkeus@gmail.com. We highly recommend her to Quakers interested in getting seriously involved in Transition organizing.


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